Save Our Hospital Services - East Devon

"The NHS will last as long as there are people left with the faith to fight for it"

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Sidmouth Public Meeting

A group of East Devon residents in the summer of 2016 got together to protect hospital facilities in the area of East Devon rather than campaigning solely for hospitals in their own towns. A petition was raised through the auspices of 38 Degrees, the national campaigning organisation.

The group quickly got together with SOHS North Devon who had long been campaigning in their area and then with other groups in Devon so that a coordinated campaign could be fought across the whole of Devon under the umbrella title of SOHS using the red line and SOHS logo. The RED LINE comes from the statement by a Devon health official that there are no red lines when making cuts (efficiency savings?) to the NHS. We completely disagree. The Devon Clinical Commisioning Group decided (see Devon Live) where hospital beds will be cut in East Devon (Honiton, Seaton, Okehampton and Exeter/Whipton), but will they be able to go ahead given past failures in North Devon?

These cuts to community hospital beds are just a small part of the cuts to come in the STP (Sustainability Transformation Plan). We must act to stop this widening stupidity of cuts to the NHS in Devon and the rest of NHS England, and not let them take us for fools; hence let's get together on Saturday 1 April.....

News and Upcoming events:

1.Press release 29 March - Why the CCG should not be trusted with their plans in Devon based on their history in North Devon....see the details

2. Judicial Review - Honiton Town are crowdfunding to raise £75,000 to protect their hospital beds. Could you please contribute £10.

3. April Fool's Day Saturday 1 April - Red line picketing of most of the hospitals in Devon ....see the details

4. STP (Sustainabiliy and Transformation Planis the latest efficiency operation following on from the so-called Success Regime in Devon (later renamed Your Future Care). The CCG are consulting the public on changes to be made within the main Acute Service hospitals, but this is only one part of the government's recent rushed plan to make savings and applies to the whole of the NHS in England in 44 separate Footprints. Our Footprint is the whole of Devon.